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Body Treatments

"It’s not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and to make your

happiness a priority. It’s necessary.” ~ Mandy Hals

Back Treatment $75 A must for formal events, or as a clarifying treatment to prepare for the bathing suit season. Best described as a facial for the back, this purifying back treatment puts the focus on the upper back and shoulders where congestion of the skin and breakouts may occur. This is ideal for people who experience stress related acne as well as athletes.

Body Contouring $ n/a We offer a range of services that provides a non-invasive, no downtime result. Industrial radio frequency for skin laxity and tightening, cavitation for fat loss, liquid lipo, alongside vacuum therapy for cellulite diminishment. Our expert physicians will help you achieve your body goals. Coming Soon!

Body Wraps (detoxifying/hydrating, weight loss) $ n/a Detoxifying/Hydrating: All of the pleasure, none of the guilt! Immerse yourself in chocolaty bliss that will stimulate all of your senses. This body treatment combines the detoxifying effects of Black Baltic Body Mud with the antioxidant properties of pure cocoa to increase cellular turnover while hydrating and firming the skin. Weight Loss: Rebalance and restore tired, out of shape skin with this special toning and firming treatment that will get you in swimsuit shape. A special blending of essential oils is infused into the wrap to assist in firming, toning and supporting the elimination of toxins from the body. Coming Soon!

Body Wrap with Lymphatic Drainage Massage $ n/a Enjoy the added benefits of a lymphatic drainage massage after your choice of body wrap. The perfect combination for incredible results! ** This treatment is 2 hours long and is a multi modality multi professional treatment. This treatment must be scheduled with the provider to ensure correct timing with the Massage Therapist Coming Soon!

Skin Classic $45 (1-5 spots) $65 (6-10 spots) $120 (hands) The Skin Classic direct high frequency technology is an affordable non-laser treatment for minor skin irregularities such as telangiectasias (broken capillaries), cherry angiomas, keratosis, fibromas, skin tags, hyperpigmentation, milia, sebaceous hyperplasia, and acne. Skin Classic treatments are quick, virtually painless, and work strictly on the epidermis to address common skin irregularities as the skin ages. The Skin Classic utilizes a lamprobe to transmit an electric current to effectively vaporize and dehydrate the skin irregularity with little downtime and no damage to surrounding tissue.

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