Great product for all ages.  Adds vital minerals back into the teeth, temporarily blocks nerve endings to help eliminate tooth sensitivity, strengthens teeth - prevents and helps to eliminate enamel erosion and tooth decay, and helps to eliminate white spots.  The remineralizing and desensitizing gel eliminates sensitivity and strengthens the enamel.

TrueMinerals Desensitizing Treatment

  • Am amazing product, with over 73 trace minerals and other key ingredients that are essential to healthy teeth and enamel.  This quick and easy treatment is highly beneficial and recommended for all clients.  Our 10 minute treatment will replenish teeth with vital minerals to strengthen enamel, repair damaged enamel, safeguard against enamel erosion & tooth decay, and help eliminate possible sensitivity during & after whitening.

    Natural, plant and mineral based product.  NO animal testing, gluten free, and vegan.

    Food grade Hydrogen Peroxide, with no preservatives.

    Kills gingivitis with long lasting effects.

    Gels made fresh and made in the US.

    ** This treatment is over $200 in dental offices **

  • Distilled Water, Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 17%, Xanthan Gum (Natural Food Thickener), Guar Gum (Natural Food Thickener), Gycerin (Plant Based), ALoe Vera (Plant Based), Phosphorous (Mineral), Calcium Flouride (Mineral), Potassium (Mineral), Cat E44 Oil (Plant Based), Nano Activator (Vitamin A), STHC01 (Salt)