This pen is designed to instantly brighten teeth by removing the film left behind by food, beverages, and tobacco.  Improves breath by killing bad bacteria in the mouth.  Simply brush on, no need to rinse.

120 applications per pen.

On The Go Teeth Whitening Pen

  • A convenient way to quickly and instantly brighten your smile without having to rinse.  Our pen is designed to instantly remove the film left behind by food, beverage, and tobacco products.  You will love how your pen instantly brightens your smile!

    Natural, plant and mineral based product.  NO animal testing, gluten free, and vegan. Food grade Hydrogen Peroxide, with no preservatives. Kills gingivitis with long lasting effects. Gels made fresh and made in the US.

    Distilled Water, Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 17%, Xanthan Gum (Natural Food Thickener), Guar Gum (Natural Food Thickener), Gycerin (Plant Based), ALoe Vera (Plant Based), Phosphorous (Mineral), Calcium Flouride (Mineral), Potassium (Mineral), Cat E44 Oil (Plant Based), Nano Activator (Vitamin A), STHC01 (Salt)