A must to maintain that healty white glow from home!  Contains a 12 application syringe, mouth tray, mouth tray case, instructions and shade card.  Used monthly, it will last 1 full year.  Use depends on lifestyle, recommended once a month, but can be used more often if wanted.  The remineralizing and desensitizing gel eliminates sensitivity and strengthens the enamel.  Great for maintenance, kills bad breath and germs, will not damage any existing dental work, and easy to use.

At Home Teeth Whitening Kit

  • Everything needed to perform quick and easy whitening maintenance at home.  There is no such thing as permanent teeth whitening, so maintenance is key.  Everything you consume gradually stains your teeth.  Our kit is designed to easily maintain whitening results between regular laser maintenance sessions.  Use kit once a month for 15 minutes. 

    ** Kit includes:  Mouth Tray, Tray Case, Maintenance Gel, Shade Card, and Insturctions ** Natural, plant and mineral based product.  NO animal testing, gluten free, and vegan. Food grade Hydrogen Peroxide, with no preservatives. Kills gingivitis with long lasting effects. Gels made fresh and made in the US.

    Distilled Water, Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 17%, Xanthan Gum (Natural Food Thickener), Guar Gum (Natural Food Thickener), Gycerin (Plant Based), ALoe Vera (Plant Based), Phosphorous (Mineral), Calcium Flouride (Mineral), Potassium (Mineral), Cat E44 Oil (Plant Based), Nano Activator (Vitamin A), STHC01 (Salt)